Race courses








Swim course

  • Swim takes place at Lake Saadjärv in Tartu County
  • The lake is with very clear water. Water temperature in the 2nd half of August is expected to be between 18-22 degrees.
  • Track direction is counterclockwise.
  • The full distance athletes swim 2 times 1.9 km laps, half distance one 1.9 km lap, olympic distance one 1.5 km lap and sprint distance one 0.75 km lap. 
  • Throughout the swim course there are safety and rescue boats guarding.

Bike course

  • Bike course has varied profile. The course runs 100 % on asphalt roads.

Profile of course

  • The course is secured with officials on bigger crossings, with signs and with traffic speed restriction
  • The full-distance athletes do 9 main laps half-distance athletes 2 longer extra laps plus two main 20-km laps, olympic distance athletes 2 main laps and sprint one 20-km main lap.
  • Main lap length is 20 km, extra lap is 25 km.


Run course

  • Run course is mainly local asphalt-covered roads.
  • Athletes run a 5,27 km lap – for the full-distance race 8 laps (42,2 km), half-distance race 4 laps 21,1 km), olympic-distance race 2 laps (10,5 km).
  • The lap is marked: fiences, arrows, ribbons.
  • The race official riding on the bike leads the first runner at least for the first two laps.

Refreshment spot

 The refreshment spot of cycling course locates near the finish area. Look at the scheme of parking in refreshment spot.

The refreshment spot of running course locates near the finish area and in U-turn (appr. 2,5 km).

Refreshment menu

The refreshment tables on cycling course and first spot on running course are covered: water, energy drink, cola drink, banana, orange, raisins, salted cucumber, salt and bread.

The refreshment table on running U-turn shall provided water.

The recovery table after the finishing includes: BCAA recovery pills, dried fruit, raisins, nuts.