If You need a place for overnight, there are several hotels and hostels nearby Triathlon Estonia start and finish venues. Please contact the hotel/hostel directly for booking yourself a room. Below you find some of the suggestions. For more options you are welcome to check wellknown booking sites. 

Hostel of Keila Health Center (next to finish area)

Reception: +372 6 737 654

Homepage: http://www.keilasport.ee

E-mail: hostel@keila.ee

Hotel Džingel

Reception: +372 610 5201

E-mail: hotell@dzingel.ee

Homepage: http://www.dzingel.ee   

Saue Manor

Contact:+372 5125 553, +372 6790 888

E-mail: sauemois@hiteh.ee

Homepage: http://www.sauemois.ee/

Endla Turismitalu

Vastuvõtt: +372 50 63 343

Koduleht: http://endlatalu.ee/en/

E-post: info@endlatalu.ee


Vastuvõtt: +372 5096619 või  +372 56918154

Koduleht: http://www.saunapunkt.ee/en/accommodation/

E-post: saunapunkt@gmail.com


Hotel Trappi

Contact: Rain Kopti, +372 580 90 800

E-mail: info@trappi.ee

Homepage: www.trappi.ee