Team relay triathlon is designed specially for You if what you want is to experience the fun of doing triathlon together with your friends. Talk to your mates, colleagues or family and sign up as the team for the relay triathlon!

In the relay competition the team is to consist of two or three persons. Each team member does at least one segment of the race in full – the swim, the bike or the run. One team member can also do two segments. It is not allowed to switch team members during the segment.

  segment 1 segment 2 segment 3
Half-distance triathlon: Swim 1.9 km Bike 90 km Run 21.1 km
Full-distance triathlon: Swim 3.8 km Bike 180 km Run 42.2 km

Come with your team and we guarantee it will be one day for all of you to remember for a long time! It is also very likely that after doing the relay race, You’ll want to go for the individual triathlon distance next year!


Relay-specific regulations:

Note: please also read the Race Regulations 

Swim-to-Bike Transition  (T1)

      • transition between the team members is done by passing over the timing chip
      • the swimmer takes off the swim-gear (wetsuit, goggles, swimcap) after exiting the water. Only after that shall the swimmer pass the chip to the team member going for the bike segment 
      • the team member doing the bike segment accepts the chip wearing all the necessary cycling clothes but no shoes, helmet, racing bib and glasses. 
      • only after attaching the chip to his/her ankle, the  cyclist enters the transition area, where he/she puts on the helmet and other cycling gear and starts the segment 2.

Bike-to-Run Transition (T2)

      • Finishing the bike segment, the cyclist puts the bike to the rack, removes the helmet and the cycling shoes and only then passes over to the other team member the racing bib and the chip.
      • The team member doing the run segment accepts the chip and the bib in full running gear, ready to start the segment 3.

In order to make the transition smoother between the team members the use of special triathlon bib belt is recommended.