Race Overview

Photo: Triradar.com

August this year we’ll bring you a triathlon competition to celebrate our 12th anniversary. Rebranded as Triathlon Estonia, it shall be a sparkling event. We welcome all the Tri-fans to join us in Estonia for the end of the summer race. 

This year at the starting line some of Estonian best triathletes race side by side together with brave newbies attempting their very first ironman distance. There are men, there are women. There are those who will be seriously going after their personal best but there are also triathlon fans on the course enjoying mostly the company and the weekend.  It is truly the race for everyone! Also everybody has welcome to start step by step on single segment example open water swimming, time trial or running only.

Triathlon Estonia is the event where you put an end to your racing season. It is the moment where all these hours of training and preparation are put to test. Come, prove yourself that You can do it!

Race distances

At Triathlon Estonia you can choose between the classic distances: the full distance, the half distance, the olimpyc distance and sprint distance. Both events are also available as the relay. 

Full distance triathlon:                    Swim – 3.8 km | Bike – 180 km | Run – 42.2 km

Half distance triathlon:                    Swim – 1.9 km | Bike – 90 km | Run – 21.1 km

Olimpyc distance triathlon:            Swim – 1.5 km | Bike – 40 km | Run – 10 km

Sprint distance triathlon:                Swim – 0.75 km | Bike – 20 km | Run – 5 km

Kids triathlon:                                      Swim – 100 m | Bike – 4 km | Run – 1 km

Open water swimming:                     3.8 km

Open water swimming:                     1.9 m

Time trial:                                                180 km

Time trial:                                                100 km

Marathon running:                            42.2 km

Half marathon running:                  21.1 km

Tempo running:                                  10 km

Tempo running:                                    5 km

It is the only opportunity to compete in the full distance triathlon in the Baltic countries.

The race takes place near Tallinn, capital of Estonia – mostly in Saku and Keila. The Start is at the shore of Lake Tammemäe, the bike course does a number of laps alongside  the Via Baltica ending in Keila. The run takes place in the town of Keila.