IFORMATION: Before the competition day ask for information in secretariate and from organizers.


ECO-FRIENDLINESS: Good manner is that a competitor doesn’t throw empty bottles, gelpacks and other waste on the ground in other places than official refreshment points.

WRISTBANDS: Yellow wristbands are for the competitors, blue ones are for one accompanying person per competitor. Please put on the wristband in the competition day morning. 

TRAFFIC INFORMATION: Cycling course is on roads with normal traffic, running course in Keila is partly on roads with normal traffic. Every competitor has to follow traffic rules on all courses and behave in a way that him or herself or other competitors or other people in traffic are not in danger.

On every bigger intersection on the cycling course there is a traffic organizer in special clothing who’s orders all competitors must follow.

Only cars with special permissions are allowed in the start area. You can find a map of parking areas HERE. To ensure safety it’s prohibited to park a car on public roads.


On start area parking is organized next to the lake on career area. Parking at the edge of road near the start area is forbidden.

Near to the refreshment area avoid parking on the tarmac because it is very dangerous for participants. Leave Your car on the grass area!

At the finish area in Keila it’s recommended to park in the parking area around Keila Tervisekeskus and Keila school. Parking is forbidden on the street of Ehitajate and behind of Health Center, where is race track.


COMPETITION BRIEFING: It will take place at 5 PM on August 24th in Keila Tervisekeskus (big sports hall). We recommend to take part of it!

STARTING MATERIALS You can pick up materials at the bretahing on Friday or on race day at start area, Tammemäe (triathlon and open water swimming). Envelopes of Time trial riders and runners are available on finish area. Chest number, 3 bag sticker numbers, saddle sticker, two helmet stickers, bike frame number, two wristbands, plastic bags: blue, red and white, timing chip and velcro strap. You can change velcro strap with softer neoprene.

All competitors will get their numbers marked on cheeks at the start area as well.



TOILETS: Toilets are available at the start area, cycling and running refreshment points, locations can be found on course maps.

TRANSPORT FROM THE START AREA TO FINISH AREA: Organizer will transport all the swimming gear left correctly at the T1. Competitor mast pack all the things in a bag and not leave those things laying around at the T1 area. It’s possible at the start area to leave an additional bag to the organizer that will be transported to the finish area later. It’s ok to mark a personal bag as a finish area bag.

All the things left to the organizer at the start or T1 area can be received at the finsh area next to T2.

Organizer also support transport between the start and finish area. Info will be announced by the moderator.

ENERVIT DRINK COURIER: At the start area a competitor can leave his/her own drink bottles and food for competition that the competitor needs at cycling or running refreshment points at Enervit tent. Every competitor will receive a personal box that will be marked with the competitor’s name and number and either cycling or running refreshment point name. Competitor can find the box by him or herself at the refreshment point on a special table.

SWIMMING COURSE: All turns are marked by buoys according to the course map, all buoys must be passed on the right side meaning all the buoys will be always on the left side.

Safety will be organized by SUP boards and motorboats.

T1 area may be entered only by competitors having numbers and only necessary things can be left at the area.

There are separate tents for men and women for changing clothes.

Information about transition for team members can be found HERE

CYCLING COURSE: Tallinn-Pärnu road between Kanama and Ääsmäe have to complete (8 laps on long distance, 3 laps on half distance and one lap on olympic distance). In the Keila the half distance athletes have to do extra 10 km loop, it means that they ride 5 km more and do U-turn.  CHECK OUT THE DESCRIPTION, TRACK VIDEO AND MAPS FOR CYCLING COURSE.

For competitors there is a wide paved roadside, it’s not a good idea to use driving lanes for cycling.

Cycling refreshment point is located in a parking lot on Tallinn-Pärnu road in Ääsmäe. Enervit sports drinks, water, bananas, raisins, salt, bread and salt pickles are available at the refreshment point.

The athlete who doesn´t want to use refreshment servise, it is not required to ride through the zone.

For stopping in refreshment zone keep right! Faster riders keep left side!


T2 area is located in front of Keila Tervisekeskus.

There are separate tents for men and women for changing clothes.

Team members will pass on the race chip and competitor’s number to next team member.

RUNNING COURSE: Running course runs in Keila mainly on paved pedestrian roads, small part of it is on a street with normal traffic! CHECK OUT THE DESCRIPTION, TRACK VIDEO AND MAPS FOR RUNNING COURSE. The length of a running lap is 5,27 km and it will be covered 1, 2, 4 or 8 times depending on the competition distance – sprint, olympic, half or long distance.

First runners on the running course will be escorted by cyclists who are members of the organizing team.

There are 2 refreshment points on the running course, in one of those only water and in the other Enervit sports drinks, water, bananas, raisins, salt, bread and salt pickles are available.

FINISH: Right after finishing there is fresh juice and recovery-table available for the competitor.

Finish area will be closed after the last competitor arrives but no later than at 1AM.

RETURNING OF BIKE AND OTHER GEAR: After the competition the bike and other gear will be returned to the competitor when competition number is presented, which will be marked.

When race chip gets lost the competitor must present a personal ID document and pay a 70 EUR fee in cash.

TIMING: The competitor must wear a race chip attached to a leg at all times while competing. Competition number must be visible in the back during the cycling course and in the front during the running course.

The timing will be organized by ANTROTSENTER OÜ.

Live results will be published HERE

MEDICAL HELP: During the competition day there is ambulance available, on the cycling course the ambulance vehicle is located in the middle of the cycling lap between Kanama and Ääsmäe and on the running course it’s located at the finish area.

In addition to ambulance there is a group of MTÜ Vabatahtlik Reservpäästerühm paramedics available giving first aid.

FOOD: Food is available for free to the competitors at the food tent at the finish area when presenting a wristband. For spectators food is available for purchase only.

It’s possible to pay in cash or by bank card.

MASSAGE: Students of Estonian School of Massage and Therapy will be available at the finish area. A FREE short massage is available for every competitor.

It’s recommended to have a massage after taking a shower.

WASHING: Every competitor and 1 accompanying person per competitor can enter Keila Tervisekeskus FOR FREE presenting wristbands, it’s possible to go to finnish or steam sauna, use a swimming pool or just take a shower.

PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY: Prize giving ceremony will take place according to day scedule next to the finish gate. Long and half distance price ceremony will take place in Keila Tervisekeskus (big sports hall) after the last finisher, estimated time is at 11 PM.

PHOTOS AND DIPLOMAS: After finishing everyone can click on their name in the final protocol and open a personal electronic diploma which can be saved, printed out or shared through social media.

Finish protocol is a public document.

The organizer has the right to use and publish all photos and videos made by the organizer for commercial reasons.

Wishing good emotions in Triathlon Estonia competition,