Participant of Triathlon Estonia

Triathlon Estonia team was once again delighted to see you competing in Keila this year. That’s why we organize this competition. We expect to return all of you who have participated before and highly appreciate experience that is gained during many different competitions.

Your personal diploma can be found here:

Excellent finish photos made by Priit Grepp were added to the gallery:

Home page is updated when new information becomes available. Registration for 2019 competition is open and the date to mark in your calendar is 24th of August, 2019.

We are interested in competitor’s opinion and that’s why we send you this public information first. To organize the competition better we are considering a change of location. From many different options we have chosen 2 locations: Karksi-Nuia and Saadjärve.

Positive aspects of new locations include: compact competition center in one location, much less traffic on cycling course, more adverse and emotion packed cycling course, bigger support from local municipality and more enjoyable nature views.

Negative aspects include: giving up traditional fast cycling course near the Tallinn and varied flat running courses, pavement on cycling course is partially not as good as in Keila.

Saadjärve course options:

Karksi course options:


The question is, do you favor the change of location of the competition or do you prefer traditional today´s tracs and location close to Tallinn?

To give Your preference, please click here